Common Mistakes When Installing Your Own Curtains

Hanging at the wrong height

Often when you decide to buy and install your own curtains, individuals place the curtains at non-optimal heights. The most optimal height length provides the best lighting control, whilst ensuring the curtains don’t gather dust by dragging on the floor. There's a fine line between too high and too low, so do your research and properly measure everything!

Curtain length is too short a length

Like the issue above, there's a fine line between too long and too short, however, we find most people buy curtains that are too short. It may cover the windows, but at certain times of the day, it lets unwanted light seep in. When this happens, you’re left with either buying more fabric to ‘stitch’ onto the existing curtain you have - which often isn’t aesthetically pleasing - or buying entirely new curtains. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get the length correct from the start.

Picking the wrong curtains

Curtains add character to a room. Dark royal colours add a sense of regalness and formality to a room. Light airy colours make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Make sure you pick the right colours and patterns for your room, otherwise you risk creating a living space that is uncomfortable and unwelcoming!

Flimsy durability of the rod

To cut costs, some people tend to purchase cheaper hardware for their rods. To ensure that your curtains will not fall or look flimsy, it is recommended to spend a bit more on a rod that is made from wood or metal. In simple terms, making sure the rod used is suitable to hold up your curtains of choice for years to come.

As an alternative, you can simply hire a professional team like us at Inspiring Curtains and Blinds to recommend and craft the perfect curtains for you, whilst at the same time installing them on your behalf. Get in touch!

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