Eight Trends for your Home in 2017

You have to admit, 2016 was a stylish year. Stainless steel, embroidered floral prints, mis-matched cabinets, geometric patterns and matte finishes, were just some of the brilliant trends that came into play.

You’ll be glad to know that some of these will stay, but there will be new ones too. See what trends you can look forward to in 2017. Happy reading!

Natural colours. Warm shades of earthy browns are taking over from the grey tones we have seen a lot of over the last couple of years. Natural pastel colours are particularly popular for a more tranquil setting. Choosing a number of natural colours that work together is ideal for bringing more depth into a room.

Bold colours to create contrast. Injecting blasts of bold colours with the natural shades is a great way to add more vibrancy to a space. Go all out with colourful wallpaper prints and patterned curtains, or bring it in through the curtain pelmets, cushions and throws.

Mix match patterns and prints. Gone are the days where everything needs to match. Instead, have a bit of fun with patterns and prints by mixing them. Whether it’s geometric, butterfly or checked prints, you can make it as quirky or as subtle as you like.

Mixed metallics. Combining different metals such as copper and brass into your home is a great way to give it an urban-chic look. This could include featuring metal in the light fittings, kitchenware, or layering these metallic colours for your window drapes.

Textured materials. In addition to bringing contrast in through colours, you can also achieve this with textures. Faux fur has been popular for throws around the home, but look out for other faux finishes like faux leather for surfaces or on trims for blinds and pelmets. Upholstered headboards are also coming back so keep an eye out!

Maximising natural light. Creating a light and airy feel continues to be popular. One way to do this is to choose window treatments that allow a lot of light through. See our previous post on how best to maximise natural light in your home. With more people opting for skylights and bi-folding doors, spaces can be lighter than ever.

Industrial furnishings. Whether it’s your light fittings, dining table, or kitchen, combining industrial fittings and furnishings with wood, is a great to create a trendy look and feel in your living space.

Bringing nature indoors. This trend has been on the rise for a little while now but 2017 sees it truly setting in. Complementing the natural colours, we will see more bamboo and woven materials, from blinds and cushions to runners and other accessories.

For advice on how we can help you stay on-trend in 2017, just contact us.

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