Five Ways to Maximise your Home’s Natural Light

There is something quite special about being in a home that is light and airy, whilst retaining a comfortable and homely atmosphere. You would be surprised at how a few changes can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home.

Why not try one or a number of these tips below and see how you can maximise the light in each of your rooms? If you need some more advice, just get in touch.

  1. Keep your walls light in colour. Painting your walls white or magnolia shades certainly work well to make a place feel brighter, but there are plenty of other shades too. Pale grey or aubergine look particularly stylish in bedrooms for example.
  2. Hang mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to create an airier space, particularly if the shape of a room isn’t a conventional square or rectangle, or if it’s a smaller space. As mirrors reflect the light, they can really help lighten up a room and with so many to choose from, you are bound to find something you love.
  3. Make use of the full window space. Make the most of your home’s natural light by opting for blinds. Shutter Blinds is a great option for light and style. Often misconstrued as blocking out light, shutters actually do quite the opposite. By choosing wider louvers and opting for white, the natural light will flow through the room beautifully. If you particularly like curtains, make your track/pole as wide as possible so that the curtains hang on the wall rather than over the window. Pairing curtains with a simple blind works well too if you want curtains but like to be able to manage the light better in a room.
  4. Use prints in the right way. Vibrant prints can really breathe life into a room but be selective about where you use them. If you have prints on your curtains or blinds, you might want to bring those colours into cushions for your sofa, or a throw for your bed. Combining this with white or magnolia walls and block coloured or wooden furniture, creates a more spacious feel and makes the most of natural light coming into a room.
  5. Make the most of skylights. If you are lucky enough to have skylights, Luxaflex do Duette Shades and Plissé shades (also known as Pleated blinds). This cleverly enables you to swap between sheer material, to allow the light to shine through, or a heavier material, to block out the light if you wish to.

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