Four Ways Electric Blinds can Enhance your Home Life

Electric blinds can be a great alternative to more traditional curtains and blinds, for a number of reasons. And remember that these are available in many different types of blinds, including Roller, Roman, Venetian, Vertical, Duette, Pleated (or Plissé) and Day and Night (or Multi-shade) blinds. Start by reading our highlights below to help you make a more informed decision.

Convenience and ease. If, like others in our team, you have ever moved from a flat into a house, you probably hadn’t appreciated how tedious the routine of opening and closing curtains and blinds can be. What if we promised you that 5-10 precious minutes of your day could be saved? Well it can be with electric blinds. Not only do these enable you to adjust your blinds from the comfort of your own sofa (yes, you heard correctly) but with one click of a remote, you can control all or some of your electric blinds at the same time. You can also forget about ever having to climb up on a chair again to get to those hard-to-reach windows. Especially when it comes to skylights which are tricky to adjust manually.

Secure your home. Another of our favourite features with electric blinds is the ability to schedule the opening and closing of blinds throughout your home, without even being there. If you’re like us, and whilst holidaying with your other half you find yourself waking up in a panic after dreaming that your empty home is being raided, then this is the choice for you. Instead of worrying, you can enjoy your holiday and schedule your blinds to open or close throughout the day so it looks as if the house is occupied.

Eliminate cords, chains and ties. Keep the wall space around your windows nice and clear by eliminating cords and chains. By not having these hanging, your rooms will appear more specious. In addition, it ensures your home is more child safe. Young children love to play with hanging cords, so help to reduce the risk of any accidents. You can find more tips on how to ensure the curtains and blinds in your home are child safe in our recent article.

Protect your home interior. We all love a light room at home and making the most of the sunshine. However it’s important to be aware that this can cause fading, discolouration and fabric damage. With electric blinds you get the best of both worlds. You get to have the light shining in when you want to but when you’re not at home, you can put them on a timer so that they stay closed throughout the harshest sunlight hours.

If you would like to find out more about how electric blinds can help you, please get in touch. 

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