Inspiring Blinds | Made to Measure Blinds in London

Whether you are searching for elegance or a functional window blind solution, you are bound to find your match amongst our extensive range of fabrics and styles. From simple roller blinds through to our electric blinds in Barnet; we can work with you to to find made to measure blinds in London, ensuring they’re the right ‘perfect fit’ blinds for you.

The key benefit of having blinds is being able to control the amount of light that enters a room and have more privacy. The great news is that you don’t have to compromise on style to take advantage of these. If you really want full control at your own leisure, be sure to check out our range electric blinds in Barnet alongside our made to measure blinds in London. Through modern technology, gone are the days of struggling to control blinds in far to reach places of your home. With a click of a button, everything is automated to your liking, with your preferred style to suit as well.

Below are some examples of blinds that we offer at Inspiring Curtains and Blinds. It’s our mission to provide the best customer service in showcasing our high-quality blinds available. Giving you the light control you need in creating the perfect atmospheric ambience in the living room, kitchen or whenever you need. Please feel free to call us for more advice and take a look at our gallery for examples of finished products. If necessary we can create bespoke, made to measure blinds in London that are made right for your home, and would also compliment your style preferences. We supply and fit the blinds to ensure you receiving the best service for your home décor.

Roman Blinds

If you are looking to create a modern, warm and textured room, Roman blinds will offer this. You have a large choice of fabrics, which enables you to carry through colours and fabrics that work with other furniture and features in the room.

There are a number of lining options to choose from and you also have a choice between handmade and machine made Roman Blinds. So whether it’s blocking out light that you are after, or an added touch of class, these could work for you.

Roller Blinds

These are clean and simple, and suit any setting or situation. From soft sheers to striking blackouts, the colour range is extensive to match your room style. These are made from a material containing a high amount of polyester, which allows moisture to be wiped off rather than absorbed. This makes them the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Sheer fabrics work as a modern alternative to nets and will create privacy without blocking all the sunlight in your room.

Silhouette Shades

“Light as silk, elegant as a curtain, practical as a Venetian Blind”. This is the best way to describe the innovative Silhouette Shades.  They are unique in that they allow you to let in the precise amount of filtered light, as well as create privacy. Featuring soft rotating fabric vanes, suspended between two sheer fabric layers, they let you cater for any mood.

Perfect Fit

This allows blinds to be installed perfectly into your double glazed sealed unit, by sliding directly into place and locking into the brackets. These are great for conservatories and can be used on side windows, doors, skylights and roof blinds.

Venetians Blinds

A great option if you are looking for privacy, without compromising on the amount of light entering the room. They come in a wide variety of on-trend colours and textures that will transform any window.

Wood Venetians

There are many wood variations to choose from including wood grains, stained colours and natural, which make these window coverings a great alternative for your home.

Vertical Blinds

This look is very clean and stylish. Having modernised over time, these are now weighted at the bottom so that you have the white string tying the bottoms together. This looks much more contemporary. You can choose from different fabric textures and colours as well as veins sizes. For a real statement set of Vertical Blinds, we suggest going for wide veins in your window.

Electric Blinds

Our range of electric blinds in Barnet are perfect for hard-to-reach windows or to simply create a more luxurious finish to your windows. They are child safe and pet safe, as they eliminate control chains. No wiring is necessary in most cases and the remote operation is not only quiet, but also robust in design. It can be used on all types of blinds and creates a very sophisticated finish.

Duette Blinds

These feature a unique honeycomb construction which makes shades soft, durable and highly energy efficient. They help to keep the heat out in the summer and the warmth in during the winter. You have hundreds of colours to choose from and a variety of semi opaque or opaque fabrics.

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