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Qmotion Blinds

Award-Winning Home Automation System Blinds

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Motorised or battery operated blinds - what to look for

Imagine the ability to have full control over the natural light within your home. With Qmotion blinds you can do just that.


Inspiring Curtains and Blinds can help install and provide QMotion blinds with advanced shading systems, providing wireless window covering solutions for your home. Traditionally, motorised blinds would require a qualified electrician installing a 240v wiring system for them to work. Qmotion blinds require absolutely no wiring, creating a hassle free and efficient, home automation system.

A fully functional, quiet, motorised roller system that's entirely wireless. These blinds can be operated via the remote control (which is supplied) or through the Qmotion app, available on your smartphone. Full customisation allows the blinds to be operated individually, or simultaneously at the same time. This can be customised by room, elevation and by floor.

A timer option is also included as an additional feature, allowing the user up to six events per day that triggers the blinds to move when you want them to. For example, if you want to wake up to natural light in your room, you can set the blinds to fold at a certain time, and use this as your alarm system in the morning. This allows users complete control over their home security, also functioning accordingly whilst the user is away from home. Therefore, our Blinds offer the desired level of privacy and security, giving you complete peace of mind.

Through technology inbuilt into the blinds, if you lose the remote, or don't have access to the app, you can manually operate the blinds to your liking. Simply tug the bottom bar and you can lower the blinds, or send the shade back up fully, or to its last preset position.

The Qmotion blinds that Inspiring Curtains and Blinds install on your behalf are powered by alkaline D cell batteries. These batteries provide up to 3 years of battery life to the Qmotion blinds, based on an average 4 daily fully raised/fully lowered movement changes. When your batteries run out, give us a call and we will more than happily replace them for you, allowing you to continue enjoying your home automation system.

The fabric can easily be removed for cleaning, maintaining and sanitising or fabric replacement. If you wish to replace the fabric, or even choose a different color, give us a call, and we'll take care of the whole replacement and installation process.

The Control4 remote controls used for the Qmotion blinds we install for you can be multi purposed if required. As you can see from the video, there are several options you can choose in customising your Qmotion blinds. These remote controls can also be programmed to control other aspects of your home that are electronic. Creating a home automation system bespoke to your liking and perfectly matches to your individual lifestyle. 

Created by professionals and knowledgeable technicians in home automation systems. With Control4 you get absolute peace of mind. Giving you the ability to further personalise your smart home after installation, and the confidence in knowing the system has been professionally designed and installed, supported by a robust network, and can be adapted to your needs far into the future.

Contact us today to see how Qmotion blinds can help enhance the elegance of your home, and contribute towards the efficiency of your lifestyle.

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