Seven Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Spring has sprung (or at least, the daffodils are blooming) and we believe there’s no better time for a good “spring clean”. It’s a great way to freshen up the home after a cold winter, where we mostly stayed indoors, with the heating turned up to as high as possible.

With this, comes the need to clean out the dust and generally make the home feel more inviting. Here are our top tips to making your home ready for spring - we promise you’ll feel better once the hard work is done!

  1. Start by opening the windows. The winter season means those beauties haven’t been open for a while. Opening them up will allow the fresh air to come in, and will help your home feel and smell better. While you’re there, why not clean them too? A good tip is to squeeze a lemon into a litre of water, apply with a sponge, and then dry off with old newspaper. Not only will it leave a streak-free shine, it will also smell good!
  2. Get the carpets cleaned. There are some fantastic carpet cleaning tools out there, from using bicarbonate of soda, to using a well-known brand’s shake and leave system, which you then vacuum off. No matter the choice, a deep clean of those carpets (particularly if you have animals) will go a long way.
  3. Dust off your curtains. Get the vacuum cleaner out and give those curtains or drapes a good clean! Dust builds up on curtains and blinds so it's best to dust them off every few weeks. There are some curtains you can dry clean, but check with the supplier first to avoid ruining the material or the way the curtains hang afterwards. Feel free to give us a call, so we can give you the right instructions.
  4. Use wipes to clean your woodwork. It might sound funny but we love a disinfectant wipe - excellent for the skirting boards, architrave and banisters too. There’s also plenty of fragrances to choose from, to make your home smell even fresher and cleaner. 
  5. Put away winter clothes. When we do finally say goodbye to the colder weather, you can put away some of those winter essentials and bring back springtime favourites. One option is to use a vacuum bag to put away all of your heavy jumpers, and keeping the lighter ones because, well, we live in England! It’s a great way to keep your wardrobe tidy, and therefore easier to find your favourite items for when the sun comes out.
  6. Have an afternoon for clear-out. Time to go through those trinkets, growing piles of paperwork, and the magazines and newspapers in that ominous coffee table hole that you store everything in. Enjoy clearing out anything you’re no longer using.
  7. Get the garden ready. If you have an outdoor space, it’s the perfect time for planting and preparing the soil, for vegetables and fruit as well as flowers.

We hope you found these spring-cleaning tips a great starting point for welcoming warmer weather. What’s your top tip to getting a spring-ready home? Leave your comments on our Facebook page!

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